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Case Study

The Journey of facing operational challenges to delivering operational excellence


How Empyra helped SALLY BEAUTY utilize monday.com Work OS

to increase productivity and efficiency by almost 50%?

About Sally Beauty - Specialty retailer for beauty supplies

Founded in 1964, Sally Beauty opened its inaugural retail store in New Orleans. Since then, it has flourished into an American international e-commerce specialty retailer and distributor of professional beauty supplies, generating annual revenues exceeding $3.9 billion. With a vast network of over 4,000 stores, including approximately 200 franchised units, and a diverse product line of up to 9,800 professionally branded products, Sally Beauty caters to customers in over 13 countries. 


Problem Statement

  • Sally Beauty was using Google calendars, spreadsheets, and Jira to manage business assets and audiences as well as to communicate with customers, resulting in information silos & data redundancy.

  • Project managers were using spreadsheets to manage projects. The inability to synchronize information with Jira led to duplicative efforts and significantly hindered team efficiency. 
Problem statement

Solution Delivered by Empyra 

Empyra implemented monday.com Work OS to manage the different processes with board templates and workflows. 

  • Implemented business workflows to track the tasks distributed across the Sally Beauty teams 
  • Created checklists on deliverables for the Sally Beauty dashboard to track progress on each task 
  • Configured dashboards to analyze workloads and task statuses 
  • Migrated the issues from Jira Cloud to a monday.com board for various business operations 

Delivering the solution to Sally Beauty

Before beginning the project, Empyra’s consultants spent substantial time finding the right solution to suit the company's needs and maintain transparency with stakeholders. Overall, it took three weeks to deliver the monday.com project management solution to Sally Beauty

  • Understand Sally Beauty's business requirements and processes of Sally Beauty.
  • Identified the gap and presented it to stakeholders for end-to-end delivery of the solution. 
  • Implemented the required extra features on the monday.com platform. 

After deploying the monday.com platform, Empyra helped in 

  • Configuration of monday.com workspace 
  • Designing workflows 
  • Creating interactive dashboards 
  • Configuration of data access to different users 

After Implementing the features and validating the process with the Sally Beauty, Empyra ran a UAT and provided training to the champion users of the Company 

Business Benefits 

Solution helped Sally Beauty to manage their business efficiently 

  • Businesses were able to reduce their duplicate entry on various applications using the monday.com platform 
  • Able to increase the team’s efficiency to more than 50% 
  • Able to collaborate with the team efficiently. 
Sally beauty solution

Benefits Delivered to Sally Beauty

Empyra helped in delivering the solution in a short period with almost zero downtime in the business.  

  • Sally Beauty business saw a drop in duplicate entries on various applications using the monday.com project management platform. 
  • Sally Beauty's operation team saw an increase in efficiency to more than 50%. 
  • Ease of collaboration with different teams increased the productivity in the organization. 
  • Automated update in the data on different platforms Sally Beauty was using at the time. 

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