Empyra® has been awarded the monday.com Partner of the Year 2022 (North America)


Our Services



We can efficiently & securely import bulk data to your monday.com instance from a spreadsheet/CSV export or other CRM.



We use agile practices to swiftly implement & customize Work OS for teams of all sizes within your organization.



With years of experience in managing intricate system needs, we guarantee a successful integration of monday.com with various apps.

Why Empyra?

monday.com is being rapidly adopted by organizations of all sizes across the globe. Empyra is a preferred partner for organizations looking to adopt monday.com.

25+ Years of Experience

We have extensive experience providing consulting services for organizations across all industries. The knowledge base we have built over the years helps us better understand and optimize business processes. Experience matters!

You Are in

We always put you in the driver’s seat, as you know your processes better than anybody else. Our experts start with your specific ideas and needs and come up with suggestions for your organization based on our experience and expertise.

Collaborative Approach

When we work on your monday.com requirements, you will be involved right from the beginning. We listen to your ideas, requirements, and problems and deliver a solution that suits your current and future needs.

Change Management

We are change management experts! We can help you implement solutions and make process changes without business disruptions and change resistance.

No Nonsense, Quick Delivery

We don’t waste time! Build quickly, deliver faster – Our teams help your organization save time and money by efficiently delivering the services you need.

Extended Support

We support our customers throughout their monday.com journey. Even after the service is delivered, our team will be available for any support on short notice.

What We Do Best

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Professional Services for CRM Implementations


Advanced Onboarding


Our complete implementation package includes detailed requirement gathering, set up + configuration, and 10 hours of key user training.


Make/Zapier - iPaas Integrations


For a one-way configuration (trigger + action) or two-way sync. Prerequisites: Required triggers/actions are available on the iPaaS.

Excel Migration

Import up to 10,000 records to your monday.com CRM instance.
Includes up to 4 data entities (Deals, Contacts, Accounts, Leads)
Prerequisites: Excel/CSV exports provided by the client

API Migration



Import up to 10,000 records to your monday.com CRM instance. Includes up to 4 data entities (Deals, Contacts, Accounts, Leads).
Prerequisites: Access to the environment / API Key to pull data

*Additional $1000 for every custom data entity

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