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Manage your work on a full scale with monday.com

Handling workflows with multiple disparate teams and different tools becomes a tedious task. Your team needs a comprehensive tool like monday.com to get a heads-up and stay aligned with the objectives.

Stop juggling between tools, integrate your favorite tools with monday.com, and break your project management barriers.

The tool to better your productivity

Our custom integrations enhance teamwork, productivity, streamline processes, enable real-time data-driven decisions, and provide transparency.

We guarantee zero downtime, secure data transfers, and preservation of existing logic, routing conditions, and data formats.

At Empyra, we do not stop with solutions; we deliver results.

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Delivering exception results with our services

Our robust platform transforms complex integrations simple and effective. Let it be any data silos; Our team has years of expertise in understanding and resolving complex integrations.

Integrate with your favourite apps

Still looking behind endlessly to integrate with your favorite apps? Have a pile of apps in mind and not able to find an upright solution to configure? Look no further, give it to us. We configure , program it hassle-free,  and make sure to power up the app capabilities to the fullest.



Data precision at the best

We cautiously monitor data; there lies our expertise. Field mapping becomes a tough pill while manually managing. Instead, we automate them and ensure the data are transferred and mapped to the right fields in the app. Our experienced team can also connect monday.com with any third-party apps.



Send data now or later? The choice is yours

Mastering data precision is our craft. Send your data either daily, hourly, or anytime. We transfer on a real-time basis. Eliminate data silos , frequency mapping issues and enable data-sync on a unidirectional or bi-directional way. Our automation facilitates smooth operations giving a better user experience.


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Visualize data and make informed decision

Consolidating data from multiple sources becomes hectic. Bid adieu to such a mundane and tiresome task.

With Power BI integration, we bring data and visualize it into graphs on the monday.com dashboard. The one-way integration with no-code recipe pushes your monday.com data to power Bi.

Enjoy a live view of your monday.com data with real-time data updates and ensure that your Power BI reports are in line with your latest information.



Achieve cohesiveness between teams

Managing incidents between teams without communication gaps is now possible with ServiceNow and Monday integration.

Your ops and engineering teams can easily collaborate, measure response times, and track progress in monday.com Work OS. Get cross-platform visibility, smooth cross-departmental projects, and unite tech and non-tech teams. 


Cross Platform Visibility

Easily define recipes, trigger the sync with your monday.com data, and be informed on your project progress. Synchronize your monday.com data with Tableau and view the results in graph and tabular formats.

Run cross-functional reports using monday.com data and create a channel to view data in Tableau to make quantitative decisions.

Data Synchronization becomes simple with our integration services.

Holistic Data View on a single dashboard.

Our robust algorithm pulls data points from the rally and visualizes it on a single monday.com dashboard. Get a panoptic view of all your data in a single place. Build custom dashboards, automate notifications, and sync your data for a streamlined workflow.


We help you curate important information and ensure to have all the necessary data. Avoid platform juggling, sidestep platform chaos, and say hello to a game-changing platform.

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Our monday.com Services

Other Popular Integrations

Contact our team to discuss your organization's specific integration needs. We'll create a custom plan to help you transform your workflows, boost productivity & maximize your ROI.

Outlook & Gmail

Send and receive emails directly from monday.com, streamlining your communication and boosting productivity.

Microsoft Teams & Slack

Synchronize tasks and updates, keeping everyone aligned with the latest project progress.

Dropbox & Google Drive

Link files and documents directly to tasks or projects to simplify finding and accessing necessary materials.


Schedule and start Zoom meetings directly from monday.com to easily coordinate & keep records of virtual meetings.

Google Calendar

Sync tasks and deadlines from monday.com to Google Calendar to manage your schedule more efficiently.

Salesforce & HubSpot

Track leads & opportunities in monday.com to streamline the sales process and enhance customer relationship management.

Our Additional monday.com Services



We can efficiently & securely import bulk data to your monday.com instance from a spreadsheet/CSV export or other CRM.



We use agile practices to swiftly implement & customize Work OS for teams of all sizes within your organization.

Our monday.com Services

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