Empyra® has been awarded the monday.com Partner of the Year 2022 (North America)


Expert monday.com Consulting Partner 

Improve team collaboration, future-proof business growth, and break down organizational silos with our premium consulting services. 

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Empyra – Your monday.com Implementation Specialists



We can efficiently & securely import bulk data to your monday.com instance from a spreadsheet/CSV export or other CRM.



We use agile practices to swiftly implement & customize Work OS for teams of all sizes within your organization.



With years of experience in managing intricate system needs, we guarantee a successful integration of monday.com with various apps.

We are a proud monday.com gold partner, bringing our expertise in improving your team’s collaboration and running and tracking projects with effective workflows. Keeping your cross-functional teams in sync is essential for continued growth. Our services empower you to enhance cross-functional team communication, efficiently handle projects, and build highly effective teams.

With monday.com’s tailor-made work OS, we help keep your team's portfolio running smoothly. Manage end-to-end projects using calendars, timelines, kanban boards & more from a single tool.

Through a synergy of professional consulting services and monday.com’s powerful features, we'll help you chart a new vision for your business.


Our Consulting Services

Our expertise includes complete training, implementation, integration, and building tailor-made custom apps for monday.com. We provide solutions for businesses globally embracing digital transformation in the workspace.

Regardless of the complexity of the integration, our team will handle it with expertise - with Empyra, you are in control!

We understand the market dynamics and can help you integrate monday.com with your favorite tools. We are more than monday.com experts - we are monday.com pioneers.


Empowering Team Collaboration with monday.com Consulting Services.

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Custom Workflow Setup

We help build custom automated workflows that reduce bottlenecks and improve cross-organizational visibility. With a systematic workflow setup, you can track progress, manage tasks, and provide transparency across departments. Workflows also help provide actionable insights on the status of projects as they move between teams. With data, you can plan better and ensure that your team completes tasks within the specified deadlines.

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Automating Communication with Action-Based Triggers

Incorporating effective communication is the foundation of business progress. As monday.com specialists, we can build automated notifications to internal or external users that trigger on specific project milestones. The powerful CRM also ensures that time-sensitive notifications are sent automatically, freeing you from the need for manual communication. This allows you to focus on important tasks, knowing that communication is taken care of through automation.

Tailor-made monday.com Boards

With a leading monday.com consultant like Empyra, you can effortlessly manage projects with visually intuitive dashboards, calendars, timelines, and Kanban boards. We can help you leverage monday's user-friendly work OS to streamline tasks with Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid methodology & customize boards based on your needs.


Analytics and Reports the Way You Want

We help you generate analytics and reports to stay updated on your tasks. Give accurate reporting to your stakeholders and stay well-informed about your progress. Get meaningful insights from intuitive dashboards and derive component-specific data. Our team of specialists helps you extract personalized data to optimize your process and take a data-driven approach to growth.


monday.com is not complex to use. But we understand there might be a few gaps your team might face. Don’t worry, our dedicated online live training ensures that your team is equipped to leverage the full capabilities that monday.com offers. Regardless of the obstacles your team may encounter, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you.



Looking to integrate monday.com with other apps? We have your back. Empyra has over 25 years of experience handling complex software integrations, and our team consistently ensures quality integrations of monday.com with the other apps your team relies on.

Our Marketplace Apps

R360 – Revenue 360

We built this app to make the sales process smooth with a recurring revenue tracking system. Unlike other conventional CRM processes, our robust CRM not only focuses on closing deals but also ensures you obtain your revenue.

The app provides 360-degree in-depth data on your sales status. We developed the app for your sales masterminds to usher meaningful insights and drive better sales decisions. It's fun to use, intuitive, and works on all mobile devices. Our app is customizable to suit your sales process. Learn more & contact our team to get started.


A Glimpse of Our Upcoming Marketplace Apps

Asset Management App - We have designed a ground-breaking solution to improve operational efficiency with monday. Asset Management App is a driving force to transform the way you track, organize, categorize, monitor, and optimize assets.

Compliance Snapshot App - The Compliance Snapshot App automates Data Snapshot from monday.com boards to WORM-compliant storage. You can easily schedule data back-up with predefined frequency and set retention policies with a one-time configuration.

 Our Customers

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